Tips on Choosing Laptop Rental

laptop-rentalChoosing Laptop Rental

1.Processing Speed in Rental Laptops

Laptops have benefited from fast processors compared to 10 years ago. Now as technology advancing at a deadly pace, most notebooks now are equipped with powerful processors that can cater to almost any kind of workload. Some laptop even have dual core processor, which means the laptop have two independent processors on a single chip. If your business is not running on demanding softwares for graphic designs, a pentium 4 processor is good enough for daily use like spreadsheet, powerpoint or word processing

2.Memory in Rental Laptops

The more RAM (Random Access Memory) the better. 1GB ram is more than enough for normal use. Bear in mind that RAM can significantly improve the speed and allowing you to do more tasks at the same time.

3.Hard Drive in Rental Laptops

Storage capacity of a hard drive is measured in Gigabytes (GB). Anything above 80GB is good enough for normal applications. You will need more space if you want to store large numbers of photos, videos and games

4.Network in Rental Laptops

An Ethernet port is a port that lets you connect by cable to a router for networking and internet access. Most of today’s notebooks are not only fitted with ethernet port but also built in with wifi (wireless fidelity) for easy access to internet. Make sure when you rent, both items are fitted in your choice of laptop as some places may offer both (ethernet & wifi) or either one

5.Optical Drives in Rental Laptops

Today’s laptops are fitted with DVD-ROM with writer that can burn or write CDR, CDRW, DVDR, DVDRW disc. Depending on your storage requirements, some laptops are fitted with a combo drive meaning can write CDR, CDRW and read DVD disc only. CD capacities are up to 700mb and DVD can goes up to 4.5GB worth of storage space. If you require more than 4.5GB storage per disc, consider Toshiba laptop with blu-ray drive and blu-ray disc can record up to 25GB. Newer laptops like netbook are without any optical drive installation due to it’s size and ultra portability feature

6.Accessories and Softwares in Rental Laptops

Battery and Ac power comes as a standard issue item with each laptop. If you need headphone with mic, webcams, scanners or printers, make arrangement with laptop rental company in advance to make sure they can match your requirements. Windows XP platform is widely popular for corporate and personal use. Make sure you are having the same platform for all your laptops for easy setup & networking.