PC Rental

comrent-ibm-pcComputer-Rental.org offers the broadest range of tier-1, brand name PC rental equipment – it offers hundreds of models and thousands of items that can be delivered nationwide.

Parties interested in renting Dell, HP, IBM or Compaq desktop computers from us will be provided with a full range of technical support, including complete configuration of our computer equipment and custom software loads.

Desktop computer rentals are guaranteed to ship virus free and qualified technicians are on hand to provide phone support. On-site installations and in-person support can be provided, if requested, for all desktop computer rentals. We provide buffer units to stand by on-site just to make sure that all systems go, in rare cases of downtime.


Business Rental Tips

Processors, Hard Drive, Memory, DVD : Consider the software you will be running on your desktop computer rental and be sure to specify the minimum configuration you will need to run all your applications. If the desktop is your primary computer, you will want a minimum of 80 GB and a minimum of 1 GB of RAM for memory. If you rent the desktop computer for media functionality, you may want to go to 8 MB RAM or more (and be sure to have DVD functionality).

Secure Networking: Your desktop computer rentals should include built-in means to connect to your network whether hard wired or wireless. If your network provides internet access, be certain to rent or plan to install virus protection software.

Flexibility Guarantee: Our flexible computer rentals allow you to switch your computer rentals from daily to weekly durations. This flexibility applies to any of the computer and peripheral equipment that we have available for trade shows, events and conventions. Should your project range towards a longer-term, we offer the same flexibility and can increase your desktop computer rental term to up to 36 months. Finally, if you decide to purchase equipment directly from us, you will get the same quality product and superior service you are accustomed to when renting.

Peripherals and Accessories: Computer-Rentals.org also offers rental options for desktop computer accessories such as wireless keyboards and mice, software, speakers, stereo headsets, memory and hard drive upgrades, high resolution video cards etc. We also offer the leading range of computer peripherals such as wireless laptops, color printers, scanners, presentation-size monitors and projectors, including all the upgrade options and networking accessories to go with them.

Whether you are presenting at a major trade show or in charge of a large corporate event, Our desktop computer rental services will meet your needs through our offices located across Malaysia.

Put our flexibility to work for you. For Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM or other desktop computer rentals – Call Us at + (6) 012 200 7604 for a NO obligation quote Today! We aim to please.