Tips on Computer Rental

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Computer Rental Company wants to know..

1. What project are you using the computers for…

This may be a no brainer question but more often than not customers have computer “specs” in their head. If for example, it’s for a training seminar, there’s no need to rent an alienware laptop because these computers are built for gamers. It’s expensive and so does your daily rental. Pentium 4 machines may be outdated but if the usage is not heavy on processor speed like database or memory demanding like gaming, P4 machines or slightly newer ones are your best choice

2.Time Delivery for Computer Rental

Most of the time, companies wanted to rush out to rent computers in a haste without much proper planning. The thing is not many rental companies have like hundreds of machines sitting in a pretty warehouse. Urgent means higher rental price. So plan ahead at least two weeks in advance for availability and logistics

3.Warranties for Rental Computers

Always check for warranties that comes with your rental package. You would want a technical guy to be around if you are renting more than 50 computers. Computer hardwarde and software glitches may come and go, so make sure you have someone to help you out if it happens or simply hire one. Also, on long term rental, make sure you can get one to one exchange warranty for faulty parts

4.Computer Rental – PC or Laptop

If your event space is plenty, PC is your best choice because it is definitely cheaper and you can enjoy larger screens than most laptop could offer. But if space is constraint like a trade fair, laptop is the way to go. It is ultra portable and lightweight that makes it easy to move around to demonstrate to your customers. And projectors are great for capturing audience’s attention. If possible, try to rent one

5.Computer Rental Period

Decide how many days you want to rent. If the duration of your event is 3 days, it’s better to allocate 1 extra day for setup purposes. If the event starts at 8.00am, a normal setup for 20 computers may take about 2 hours. Therefore, asking technicians to be at your event by 6.00am may incur extra cost due to working after office hours