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The term audio visual itself widely encompasses just about every device that either makes sound or reveals a picture — or both. Most individuals who never have decided to make a livelihood in the AV company or deal with planning events that are technical can definitely struggle to comprehend how all the parts and pieces fit together. Luckily, you’ve professionals who can help direct the procedure for preparation and supporting an important assembly or convention. It is always a good idea to have notion of what results you desire have before you begin budgeting and planning.

Video equipment leases play an important part in the demo environment, do you know if you getting the most of our occasion budget by choosing the right things for a successful assembly?

Projection Screens and video Projectors still are the center of any big meeting and demonstration environment.
Presentations & Video Equipment Rentals

Are you intending to have a slide show or video presentation at your next occasion? That is a ton of display and video equipment technology out there that can make a demo soar. Deciding on the best stuff to lease for your occasion can be a demanding challenge without a little guidance from an expert.

Video Projection

Video projection technology continually creates better and more brilliant images for events large and small. Considering that more than a decade past 35mm slides were still applicable, today’s demos demand displays that are larger, high definition video, and content that keeps the audience’s attention. Anyone can let you know that projection that is more glowing is better, but you can discover that lower lumen projectors can pack a punch that is significant if the lighting levels are controllable. The term “lumen” is a measure of luminosity a projector can exhibit. At AV Factory, we recommend using 3,000 lumen projectors for small meeting rooms, 7,000-10,000 lumens in event uses that are most ballroom, and 10,000 to 20,000 for high impact conventions and large assemblages.

LCD / LED Screens

You may know that just about every booth you fall upon is teaming with video monitors and LED panels, if you’ve been to a tradeshow lately. Video displays and screens are not any longer used only for content, they can be additionally used a program to display graphics and branding. This can be an eye catching way to sell advertising opportunities such as acknowledgement or event sponsorship.

Camera or No Camera?

It is always a good idea to let a camera and a camera individual, when many folks assemble for a major address or presentation. Guests must be engaged with the individual presenting from the stage. At this space, it is very difficult to see the details of even the most animated presenter. Choosing to rent a video camera and showing the camera picture on the screen is what we call Image Magnification or “IMAG” for short.

Professional Video Camera

Make sure you capture everything on the stage with a video camera. Your guests are going to have better experience.

HD Video Projector Leases

High Definition Video Projectors and big Video Projection Screens are a terrific way can engage a big crowd.

Video Presentations

A video presentation can be the centerpiece to many fundraising events, auctions, or company meetings. How can you make certain that your crowd engages with your message the way that you have hoped for? Our number one recommendation to attain the best video projection results will be to show the video in High Definition. High Definition video projection is vivid, colorful, and the graphic is crystal clear. What matters the most is that the message is displayed the very best it can be. Deciding to lease HD Video Projection on your next occasion really can make a difference to the overall quality of the guest experience.

If you are new to preparation audio visual for occasions and meetings, you can be successful with a good preparation strategy, sound advice, and excellent video equipment rentals from the audio visual specialists at AV Factory. In our next post, we’ll talk more about audio, lighting, and picturesque thoughts that can make an event experience amazing.