Guide to Choosing Projector Rental

projector rentalTypes of Rental Projector

There are over 300 models to choose for projector rental from the market. And it can be quite confusing when comes to choosing which model suits you best. This guide will help you choose the best projector that suits your needs.

There are three main projector types; CRT, LCD and DLP.

CRT (cathode ray tube) projectors are the earliest technology in projector market. However, they still offer the best picture. CRT projectors use three large tubes to project the image, in a way similar to your TV. Even entry-level models are expensive so, as this is an introductory article, we’ll leave CRT projectors here.

LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors are normally small and light. They work on similar principles to the LCD computer screen you may be using to read this article.

DLP (digital light projection) projectors are the up-and-coming technology. DLP projectors use thousands of tiny mirrors on a small chip, along with a spinning color wheel, to project the image.


Projector Rental – 4 major factors to look into


2.Aspect Ratio




1. Projector Rental – Brightness

Brightness is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens. The higher the ANSI lumens level, the brighter the projector. How bright a projector you want? The following factors will help in your decision making;

Can you control the light in the room ?

The best results in using a projector is in a dark room. That’s the reason why cinema lighting is almost down to zero to have the best effect of the movie you are watching. If you plan to use the projector in a room, make sure you have curtains to block out stray lights. However, if you can’t have that in your favor, consider using a brighter projector (high ANSI lumens value)

How many people will be in the room?

The more people in the room, the larger the picture it has to be. This is to ensure everyone in the room can have a good view of your presentation.


Projecting text and graph from you laptop or PC will require a brighter projector because of the need to read the details on the screen. Once you have decided the factors above, you can decide what level of brightness suits you best.

Less than 1000 Lumens

Projectors in this category are mainly cater for presentations in a dark room and home cinema applications. Suits best for 1 to 10 persons

1000 to 2000

Majority of projectors in this category are for larger area such as education use in classrooms or training rooms. Suits best for 10 to 50 persons

2000 to 3000 Lumens

These projectors are used mainly for large conference rooms, classrooms or training rooms. Suits best for 50 and above

More than 3000 Lumens

Projectors brighter than 3000 ANSI lumens are mainly for outdoor use. Venues such as stadiums, concerts, auditoriums, churches and etc. Large screen will be required for proper projection


2. Projector Rental – Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio simply means the ratio of the width of an image to its height. Most popular aspect ratio are 4:3 (box type image output) & 16:9 (wide screen output like movies). 4:3 projectors are mainly used for business purposes while 16:9 is for home cinemas. But since wide screen laptop is popular in the market now, 16:9 can be used for business presentation too. However, irregardless of any aspect ratio, a simple button in the projector’s setting menu will switch the picture between formats.


 3.Projector Rental – Resolution

The higher resolution means the sharper the image will be. Consider 800 x 600, that would be 800 columns of pixel by 600 rows of pixels; for a total of 480,000 pixels which make up the whole image. There are many resolutions you can choose from;

800×600 (SVGA – Entry level for projector rental. Use for power point presentation )

854×480 (WVGA – Entry level for home projector rental)

1024×768 (XGA – The most popular resolution for projector rental for home and business use such as spreadsheet)

1280×720 (XGA – Another popular resolution for projector rental for home and business use such as spreadsheet )

1280×800 (HD2 – For widescreen computers)

1400×1050 (SXGA+ – For high resolution drawings and video surveillance)

1600×1200 ( UXGA – High resolution projection for technical, medical, drawing image)

1920×1080 (HD – High Definition. Mostly use for Blu-Ray movies)


4.Projector Rental – Weight

The more advanced and powerful the projector, the heavier it is. If you are planning on using your projector while traveling, a lighter and smaller size around 1-2kg would be more suitable. If the projector is fixed on location, 2-5kg in weight would be ideal. However, weight is the least important factor to consider except for traveling purposes, you should concentrate on getting the optimum specifications for your presentation.

Once you have answered these four questions (brightness, resolution, aspect ratio and weight), you should be able to shortlist a few models for projector rental.