Computer Leasing or Buying?

computer-leasingTo Lease or To Buy?


Which is better? Computer Leasing or Buying? Sometimes it is better to be an owner. Sometimes Not. According to oil barron Paul Getty “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” Take a car for example..the joy of ownership blinds us into believing buying is better than lease. But if you calculate carefully for lost of value when you sell, bank interest and cost of maintenance. Some car costs more to maintain than the actual market value.

Value of Computer Leasing

There are two property types namely real and personal. Real property are buildings and permanent structures. Personal property includes furniture, firxtures, computers and so on. When you buy real property, it’s always a better option to finance because it will appreciate and gain value overtime. Whereby personal property’s value will depreciate in time. Take for example, computers. With technology advancement and systems are always improving, and the equipment needs to be updated and replaced every few years. For everything that needs to be replaced every now and then, renting or leasing can be more beneficial.

Computer Leasing is the future

Whether your goal is to acquire, build or grow, remember Paul Getty’s rule of thumb. Smart financial thinking will keep your company in a better shape in these uncertain economic future.  Therefore, computer leasing is definitely one of those smart decision to be made.